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We are so proud of the work that we do for our customers.

In short, they did such a good job they end up repairing my neighbors roofs as well. I will definitely recommend them over others. Special thanks to Jemali who did the repair for me.
Vladyslav Kosyanenko

We purchased our house around 5 years ago, we renovated most of it but decided to save some money on the roof. It was fine until a recent rainstorm did some pretty serious damage and the roof started to leak. We had to get the job done quickly so we gave Canadian Roof Masters a call. They were able to immidiately dispatch a crew that showed up at our door ready to get to work. Jacobb and his crew started working immediately, they told us not to worry and that everything would be taken care of. 50 minutes later they were done. They were kind, helpful and fixed our roof quickly. It’s been around a month now and we’ve had some pretty heavy showers, but so far we’ve had no issues with our roof. Would definately reccomend their services to anyone out there looking for a high quality job at a very reasonable price.
Mariam Chamilova

Very professional service and they an excellent job. Extremely satisfied with their service!
Nauman Khan