Skylight Repair Toronto

Skylight Repairs In many older homes throughout the GTA, skylights are a source of issues that begin to develop with the years. Over the years, the gaskets tend to shrink and flashing comes loose. Maintenance is often neglected and leaking is often the most prevalent symptom.  Our skylight expertise means that we provide comprehensive skylight repair and maintenance:

  • Full diagnisois of problematic spots
  • Replacement of glass
  • Glazing renewal
  • Silicone sealing
  • Leak stopping and prevention

If left untreated, mold or mildew can form which would cause damage to the roof or foundations. In addition, the improper sealing of a faulty skylight can result in decreased energy efficiency. Skylights are increasing becoming an integral part of the architectural design of the house. Their ability to increase the amount of natural sunlight has made them a very appealing feature when deciding to purchase a home, thus they inherently increase the value of any home or commercial property.


Skylights present several important benefits:

  • Reduce the amount spent on utility bills; by providing natural light, the reliance on electricity is reduced
  • Enhance wellness and wellbeing by exposing you to natural light, which has been shown to improve mood
  • Functional skylight units can provide additional ventilation, often used in bathrooms and kitchens


The installation crews with Canadian Roof Masters are expertly trained to help you choose the best location for your skylight. We strive to make your skylight experience seamless, while both on time and within your budget.