Roof Maintenance Toronto

Roof Maintenance Much like a car, a roof requires maintenance to keep it functioning properly.  A roof is constantly exposed to the elements; continual sun exposure, frost in the winter, heavy rains, strong winds and other weather conditions. By regularly maintaining your roof, you can significantly prolong its life and avoid hefty replacement costs down the road.  Many people end up replacing their roof when only a few problematic areas require repairs.

Periodically maintaining your roof can help with:

  • Adding years to the life of your roof system, allowing it to function properly for the entire duration of the shingle life
  • Keeping critters and wildlife out of vulnerable areas
  • Spotting minor issues before they become full-blown problems

What is included with your roof maintenance?

  • 16 point inspection
  • Problematic shingle replacement
  • Inspection and seal of all potential weak points (around skylights, chimney etc)
  • Careful inspection of roof ventilation
  • Repair of caps and hips
  • Secure any protruding shingles or nails