Roof leaks repair Toronto

Repair A roof leak that is considered only a minor nuisance can develop into a complete catastrophe in a very short time.A random or continual dripping of water may be tolerated for an extended period of time for many reasons. The dripping may not be affecting ongoing operations of a business or the damage is thought to be minimal and can be easily repaired when time permits. The strategic placing of catch buckets often begins as a temporary measure, but in many cases, the buckets may end up being left in place for several weeks or longer. What is not evident is that even a simple drip can be causing very expensive underlying damage. RepairMost roof systems contain a layer or two of insulation under the waterproofing membrane. When a leak occurs, water may soak into the insulation thereby reducing its effectiveness. This saturated insulation will cause a significant increase in both heating and cooling costs. Even after the roof leak is repaired, the insulation may remain saturated and ineffective. Furthermore, if the roof system is supported by a steel roof deck, and a certain type of insulation, now saturated, is in contact with the steel deck, an acidic reaction may occur resulting in the rusting deterioration of the deck. Not only do safety concerns come into play, but replacement of steel decking can easily double the cost of roof system removal. With isolated roof replacement often costing $10 or more per square foot, an immediate response to the first occurrence of a leak situation can prove to be a very cost effective tool.