Roof replacement often becomes your only option, when the damage has been neglected long enough to become totally irreparable. If this is the case, and your roof needs to be replaced, you can be absolutely sure that GS Roofing will take care of all your concerns and make your home safe again! Our experienced contractors not only inspect the condition of your roof, but will guide you through the process of roof replacement step by step. We will provide you with a variety of options for a new roof and present you with a wide range of possible material and colour options. You will be familiarized with all our plans for the project, and included into the process of making design and instillation decisions.

Our advice and estimation is absolutely free of charge and we are looking forward to speaking with you about you roofing needs. You can contact us via the telephone or complete the estimate form at the bottom of the page. We appreciate and look forward to all inquiries and promise to get back to you the following business day, as we understand the value of your time.