“Why Choose Metal Roofing for Your Toronto Home?”

Mark Twain superbly observed, Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do!

Canadian Roof Masters have seen time and time again the regret on the faces of home-owners when they realize that years ago they could afford a Metal-Roof yet did not go for it. Its a myth that Metal Roofing is only meant for the rich ! Its like saying only money can buy class! To this Canadian Roof Masters humbly respond in our business we have seen countless people being so poor, that all they have is their money stuffed in banks! Canadian Roof Masters rose from humble beginnings so remind home-owners Charles Dickens words, The most important thing in life is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will.’ Consider nothing impossible, and then treat possibilities as probabilities.

Canadian Roof Masters reasonable prices for metal-roofs makes nothing impossible, and financing options ensure all possibilities as probabilities !

Metalroofscan last up to 100 years, with Canadian Roof Masters providing the best 55 year warranties. Because of their longevity, mostmetalroofsare actually less expensive

Here at Canadian Roof Masters we have an enormous choice of metal roofing for Toronto homeowners who want this type of roofing to choose from. However it is important to note that not every metal roof is suitable for any home. This is why before making a decision about the type of metal you want, it is important to understand which of the different types of metals would best suit your needs.

No matter what metal you choose for your metal roofing, be it Steel or aluminium, copper or Galvalume in Toronto, Canadian Roof Masters can install the roof, leaving your home looking even better than it did before. We take pride in what we do and our customers are very important to us, which is why Canadian Roof Masters will do everything it can to leave you comfortable, satisfied, contented, gratified and surprisingly with more money in your pocket than before !

If your mind is strong, all difficult things will become easy. If your mind is weak, all easy things will become difficult. Chinese Proverb

So, simply say yes to a rich-look metal roof ! Else William Shakespeare will remind you, Do not be like the cat who wanted a fish but was afraid to get his paws wet !

“How many Types of Metal Roofs are there?”

Canadian Roof Masters metal roofs systems are manufactured predominantly using five kinds of materials namely galvanized steel, tin, copper, galvalume and aluminum. We have the technical capability to install any metal roof you choose.

Copper roofs are very attractive visually. You have the choice to use either coating the metal with lead or just bare copper. Leaving it bare will cause copper to oxidize and will take on a beautiful finish hue while coating it with lead makes the copper shine with its natural metallic shade. Apart from being attractive, cooper roofing is also highly durable as well as very easy to maintain. Additionally saves energy and thereby dollars !

Galvalume is steel coated with zinc and aluminum. Such roofs are perfect for homes and/or cottages that are located in coastal areas or on Canadian beautiful lakes as the material is highly resistant to corrosion-due-to-salt water. This roofing material has panels that are very easy to maintain. They are very tough and automatically repair scratches when two panels rub against one another!

Galvanized steel roofs are highly weather resistant as well. Apart from that, they dont require repainting and they are very, very long lasting. By getting a high quality roof for your home, you are guaranteeing that your roof wont undergo degradation in case minor damages are suffered on the surface. On the other side, it is important to install only the best quality of galvanized steel roof since poor quality material tends to degrade by expanding and contracting because of extreme cold and heat.

Tin plated roofs have the main advantage of being highly resistant to different weather conditions. They dont rust, corrode or undergo any other type of distortion due to environmental factors. Hence they are a great choice for extreme climate. True that the installation of tin roofs is difficult, Canadian Roof Masters knowledgeable and experienced installers can take care of the installation in a timely and skilful manner.

Aluminum is another perfect choice for homeowners living in areas where wet weathers are prevalent because they are highly resistant to corrosion. Another major advantage it has is that it is lighter in weight than steel. Aluminum can also reflect heat and can keep the interior of the room cool in summers.

You choose the metal and Canadian Roof Masters would install the most beautiful metal on your home! Your wifes castle!

Canadian Roof Masters can schedule a free in-home finance consultation with our credit expert. Your roofing project is more affordable than you can imagine! Your credit approval may come by the time you finish telling us what are your roofing requirements. Its totally complimentary! Free! No commitment from your side!

“Metal Roofs For The Gracious Bungalow Or Cottage”

The term bungalow is commonly used to describe a small one- or one-and-a-half-story home or casual beach/lake house or cottage. It was designed to be an informal, easily constructed, one-story house. A perfect cozy idea to enjoy cold winters and sunny summers. The American version first built in southern California became the dominant style in the United States between 1905 and 1930. The roof usually was a low-pitched gable. Dormers, if present, tended to be in the front. It was a perfect example of The American Dream. In Canada, a unique collection of single family bungalows continued to be built during the first half of the 20th century, with abundant variances in plan and materials. They basically symbolize the majestic spirit of people that wanted to enjoy the good life and own their own home. Historian, Christopher Bayly, has called it the colonization of taste!

For those who wish to own a dream home with charm and character of past lives lived within their walls a search for rich heritage real estate in Toronto fetches results giving details of some extraordinary, beautiful, stunning all brick bungalows in prime historic districts, maybe even facing a park! These historic properties are as diverse and unique as their owners. Visit them to experience a walk-out with a beautiful oasis backyard, maybe with a sunken hot tub and in-ground pool; a cozy sun room and tons of privacy; where children still walk to some famous schools; all amenities charmingly representing the best of each facet of the ol Canadian style of living full of charm, sophistication and grace.

Forget sophistication and grace, see the tragedy of modern Toronto being built on demolished old bungalows! Tragedy is not in the sale but in what next? The home-owner though gets 12 times of his investment if made 50 years ago, yet where does he shift after the sale of his centrally situated bungalow in Toronto? Their option is to either shift to a condo or to live more than 40 Km from Toronto!

Canadian Roof Masters takes it as its corporate duty of care towards the home-owners to help them identify how to think positively for re-building/repairing their bungalows/cottages rather than selling them!

Canadian Roof Masters takes great pleasure in Redoing with Respect! Helping the extraordinary lucky home owners continue living in their modernized uniquely majestic bungalows. Helping them retain their precious emotional relationships cultivated over decades.

We redo the roof etc. with new tech metal roofing of your choice lasting for about 100 years or so. The extra cost for extra beauty, aesthetics, value, quality and gains? Less than what the young children would spend in maybe five years going to work in downtown Toronto from a dwelling 40 kms away. Cost of the roof should not be compared to what a re-location would cost financially and emotionally to the family. Chose family over offer of a builder for your cherished bungalow!

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to lose your own sense of self and accept the version of you that is expected by everyone else – K.L. Toth

If cost is your anxiety, we can schedule a free in-home finance consultation with our credit expert. Your roofing project is more affordable than you can imagine! Your credit approval may come by the time you

finish telling us what are your roofing requirements. Its totally complimentary! No commitment from your side!

Metal roofs can last up to 100 years, with Canadian Roof Masters providing the best 55 year warranties. So, because of their longevity, metal roofs are actually less expensive, besides being affordable with the easy re-payment 60 months financing option coupled with no penalty on early re-payment.

Platos guidance? We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when intelligent adults are afraid of the light .

So, if you request, we shall also schedule a complimentary in-home technical consultation with our experts. Its totally free! No commitment from your side!

Canadian Roof Masters individualized consultations with experienced roofing professional(s) guide you every step of the way. Sometimes, a Canadian Roof Masters roof is so goodso well installed and conceivedthat regardless of how off the beaten path it seems, you would love to make it a destination.

You are the fortunate home-owner; please do not create a tragedy for your family by selling your bungalow. Tragedy has been described as ‘the conflict between desire and possibility.

Get the knowledge and the numbers and then decide. The possibilities are immense! Be a proud happy Canadian; owner of a beautiful, stunning all brick bungalow with a Queens Crown – a new Metal Roof!

Canadian Roof Masters has shown a strong commitment to extraordinary level of care and personalization in order to convert such bungalows into a prestigious property that reflects your soul.