Flat Roof Repairs Toronto

Flat Roof Repairs Roof Masters is a leading expert in the maintenance, repair and installation of flat roof systems. Knowing what to look out for can help you spot problem areas before they become full-blown issues:

  • Tears in the membrane of the roof
  • Leaks
  • Stains on inside walls
  • Exposed felt

The most common flat roof refurbishment involves replacing the felt and battens, either re-using the existing tiles/slates, or using new tiles/slates. Weight is the overriding factor as replacement tiles should not be significantly heavier or lighter than the existing, otherwise this may either overload the roof, or in the case of a lighter covering, cause problems with wind uplift. Comparison of tile weights should take into account the increased load due to water absorption. Roof Masters will carefully examine your roof and help you spot problem areas. Our careful diagnosis procedure means that we will discuss all issues with you before commencing any repairs.

Why Choose Us For Flat Roofing in Toronto

The days when roofs were made from materials like straw or thatch are gone. Nowadays, the latest advances and the best technology are combined to create more durable and resilient roofing systems. There are various types of roofs with distinct properties, however flat roofing is the most popular type of residential roofing nowadays. Flat roofs are almost perfectly horizontal in design but have a slight slope in order for water and snow to drain off easily. They are relatively easy to build. Gravel and tar were initially used to contain leakages brought about by stagnant water accumulated on the roof. Roofs of this kind used to pose huge problems in places where cold climate was prevalent because of the collected pools of water that were caused by leakages.Flat Roofing in Toronto Fortunately today, the material used for roofs is different from what was used before. Nowadays a combination of polymers and synthetic rubber is used for most roofing. They are ideal for residential buildings but may not be suitable for commercial buildings, as they tend to become unstable if the size of the property is very large. Compared to other roofing systems that are not really cost effective, flat roofing helps minimize installation time and are easier to maintain, longer lasting and inexpensive. They are also proven to handle weather fluctuations well. Additionally, these roofs provide certain flexibility, are very easy to clean and require very little maintenance when installed properly. We are a trusted company when it comes to roofing installations and repairs. We have many years of experience in working with homes with a variety of roofing requirements and problems. Whether you need roof installation, replacement or repair, you can trust Canadian Roof Masters to provide exceptional services and leave you satisfied. Our trained personnel will get the job done right from the first time and in a timely and skillful manner. Please don’t hesitate to call us and see what makes us Toronto’s preferred roof contractors.